The Route 2022
1 st


3 Km


35 Mts

of climbing

Night Prologue

Tavira Historical Center


Friday, March 4th 2022

3 Km – 35 of climbing

The Algarve Bike Challenge debuts with the traditional night prologue at the enchanter and historical area of Tavira city. Along the narrow old cobbled streets with its natural light the circuit is short but very intense, providing a boost of adrenaline, in a beauty and historical environment. In this place along generations lived phoenicians, ligures, Celts and Turdetans and, later, the Romans, Carthaginians, Suevi, Silingos, Alanos, Visigoths, Muslims and finally the Christians.

The show is guaranteed and the night prologue is for sure the perfect way to start the Algarve Bike Challenge!

Prologue map Algarve BC 2022
2 nd


83 Km


2300 Mts

of climbing

Tavira’s  Sierra


Saturday, March 5th 2022

83 Km – 2300 mt of climbing

The 2nd stage of the Algarve Bike Challenge is the queen stage of the race. Tavira’s sierra is demanding and beside the maximum altitude of only 500mt high, the sierra orography looks like a saw so when you are not going down it means you are going up! Try to get some time to look at the view. The scenery is just awesome!

This stage starts with a 7km tarmac section including the climb to Picota followed by short descent in gravel and a long and hard climb to Daroal. With marvellous panoramic views over the coastal areas you will get to the first singletracks of the day.

After the first feed station in Porto Carvalhoso you will have to face the longest climb of the day, up to Arimbo. 

The second feed station of the day will be in Umbria. In the last part of the stage you still have 2 hard climbs and the famous singletrack of Ribeirinha.

After the last water point it will be (almost) all down to Tavira.. :)

Major Climbs of Stage 2
3 rd


70 Km


1400 Mts

of climbing

Algarve Barrocal


Sunday, March 6th 2022

70 Km – 1400 of climbing

The 3rd and last stage of the Algarve Bike Challenge 2022 presents a very different course from past editions, and also very different from stage 2. In this day the riders will ride mostly at the barrocal part of the Algarve region which is located between the coast and the sierra or the mountains.

This area is much flatter although the terrain is rocky and technically more demanding with loose terrain, narrow trails and constant changes of direction. This is a characteristic from the barrocal.

The climbs will be shorter but sometimes steeper..

This stages will be filled with singletracks and nice trails.

In this stage are 2 feed stations in the same place in Santa Catarina da Fonte do Bispo at km 24 and km 47.