‚ÄčThe Algarve Bike Challenge is a MTB stage race disputed by teams of two riders.

Team members can be of different age and gender.

At the Checkpoints (CP) and at the Finish line, the team result is only validated when the two team members are present at the same time.

Teams subscribed on the Algarve Bike Challenge 2019 follow the specific rules created by the Organization.

There is a General Classification and 6 different categories classifications set by the age and gender of team members.

The category is defined by the age of the younger rider


M 19 to 39 Open Men
M 40 to 49 Open Master
M 50+ Grand Master
F 19 to 39 Open Women
F 40+ Master Women
(1 men and 1 women) Mixed

The ALGARVE BIKE CHALLENGE winning team will be the one who ride the Prologue and the 2 stages in less time.