Friday, 07/02/2020Accreditation14:0018:30
Friday, 07/02/2020Paddock15:0023:30
Friday, 07/02/2020Prologue Course Recoon17:0019:00
Friday, 07/02/2020Riders Reception and Briefing18:3018:45
Friday, 07/02/2020Night Prologue19:0022:30
Friday, 07/02/2020Prize award22:4523:00
Saturday, 08/02/2020Breakfast for the riders with Premium Package06:0009:00
Saturday, 08/02/2020Start gate access08:0008:45
Saturday, 08/02/2020Start of Stage 109:00
Saturday, 08/02/2020Stage Finish13:0018:00
Saturday, 08/02/2020Pasta Party13:0018:30
Saturday, 08/02/2020Award Ceremony14:0017:00
Saturday, 08/02/2020Tech service in Vila Gale Hotels15:0020:00
Saturday, 08/02/2020Recovery Massage in Hotéis Vila Galé15:0020:00
Saturday, 08/02/2020Buffet dinner for the riders with Premium Package19:3022:00
Sunday, 09/02/2020Breakfast for the riders with Premium Package06:0009:00
Sunday, 09/02/2020Start gate access08:0008:45
Sunday, 09/02/2020Start of Stage 209:00
Sunday, 09/02/2020Stage Finish12:3017:00
Sunday, 09/02/2020Pasta Party12:3017:30
Sunday, 09/02/2020Award Ceremony15:0016:00
Sunday, 09/02/2020Recovery Massage in Hotéis Vila Galé14:0017:00
Sunday, 09/02/2020Event Closure18:00

Subject to change



to the start of the first teams in the ABC2020 night prologue!