Pacote Light

Check below what’s included with this entry package option


1st Period – 150 entry slots / 2nd Period – 150 entry slots / 3rd Period – 150 entry slots

– € 95 per rider in the first period. From September 3rd 2019 to September 20th 2019 or as well as confirmed the total number of entries available.

– € 120 per rider in the second period. Starts 5 days after the closure of the 1st Period and ends on October 25th or as well as confirmed the total number of entries available.

– € 130 per rider in the third period. Starts 5 days after the closure of the 2nd Period and ends on December 30th 2019.

This package includes:

  • Local accreditation and issuing of starter kit, which contains: participant-ID, starting number, precise road book,  maps, give-aways;
  • Signposting of the technical sections, dangerous sections and crossings or road intersections;
  • Mobile support personnel to warn motorists;
  • Marshalls on motorcycles ahead of the field to check the signposting and ensure the safety of all participants;
  • Marshalls on motorcycles and jeeps in the field to make sure participants keep with the rules (i.e. wear a helmet, keep road traffic regulations, don’t use escort vehicles, etc.);
  • Emergency medical team on m​otorcycles and jeeps fully equipped to help injured persons;
  • Ambulances with paramedics to further take care of injured persons;
  • Permanent contact with local emergency officials and first-aid centers to ensure assistance in case of a bigger accident;
  • Professional Start/Finish area in the respective center of the city or at certain points-of-interest, cordoned off from road traffic;
  • Professional timekeeping;
  • Results service after each stage;
  • Daily check points to keep track on all participants;
  • Several catering points per stage;
  • Pasta party at the finish of each stage;
  • Tent for warm clothes deposit before stages start;
  • Bike stations at the catering points and Technical services in the Vila Galé Hotels area (spare parts have to be paid for);
  • Office at each stage place to answer questions about regulations, course, etc;
  • Showers in the Municipal Sports Center – Pavilhão Eduardo Mansinho;
  • Self-Service bike wash
  • Press office and services;
  • Photo and service for the participants (photos have to be paid for);
  • Official ABC jersey;
  • Official Sports bag;
  • Disbursement of prize monies;
  • Finisher prize;

After the subscription submitted the riders have 3 days to proceed with the payment of the entry fee.

After confirmed the payment of the subscriptions, 25% of the total amount is kept to assure subscription expenses.


Official Algarve Bike Challenge cycling bib short

€ 65 per unit (sizes from XS to XL)

Extra Oficial Cycling Jersey:

€ 30 per jersey (same jersey model as the one included in the participant offer kit)

Official Algarve Bike Challenge gloves: 

€ 35 per pair (sizes from XS to XL)

Gps Tracker Rental:

€ 10 (with this device our location during the stages will be shared online and live through a web link).


Entries may not be transferred to others after December 30th.

Refund of registration fees:

  • Prior to November 30th 2019: Refund of 75%
  • Between December 1st 2019 and December 30th 2019: refund of 50%
  • As of December 31st 2019: no entry fee returned

There are no exceptions for medical reasons of injury or illness. In these cases it may be possible to transfer the registration to the following year, being this decision taken by the organisation and under a certain conditions.